Lasörling Höhenweg


  1. Name Lasörling Höhenweg
  2. Durée en jours 4 jours
  3. Classement Traildino SW, Marche fatigante, sentier de montagne
  4. Classement Traversée de montagne T2, randonnée en montagne

Lasörling Höhenweg

Lasörling Höhenweg, 4 days

The Lasörling Höhenweg is more or less the extension of the popular Venediger Höhenweg. Combining them will create a tour of about 9 days.

The Lasörling Höhenweg runs south from the Venedigergruppe. The trail is not difficult, even if it carries you to a height of 2.800 m. Snow may pose you some problems in the start of the season. It is a little known trail, but those who have walked it, liked it a lot.


Map Lasörling Höhenweg


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  • Vicky G 2018-01-07 22:57:46
  • Lasoerling Hohenweg
  • We are hoping to walk somewhere in Europe in late March. Is this route snow-bound at this time of year?
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