1. Name Alpannonia
  2. Distance de sentier 90 km, 56 milles
  3. Durée en jours 6 jours
  4. Classement Traildino MW, Marche modérée, sentier de randonnée
  5. Classement Traversée de montagne T1, Randonnée

Fischbach - Köszeg (Hu), 90 km

This trail starts in the Fischbacher Alps, goes through the hills of Burgenland, and ends in the plains of Hungary.

Select some tracks
Alpannonia, 138km
Alpannonia Zugang/hozzáférés KoRa, 26km
Alpannonia Anschlussweg, 2.8km
Alpannonia Csepreg, 3.5km
Alpannonia Light - Forrásvidék, 12km
Alpannonia Light - Őzzé vált fiú, 5.5km
Alpannonia Hard - Boldogasszony bora, 14km


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  • Fischbach Alps - Roseggers Waldheimat - Mürzzuschalg F&B WK021
  • Fischbacher Alps - Roseggers Waldheimat – Mürzzuschalg area of eastern Austria presented at 1:50,000 in a series of contoured and GPS compatible outdoor leisure map from Freytag & Berndt with hiking and cycling routes, mountain huts, campsites and youth hostels, local bus stops, plus other tourist information.To see the list of currently... Lire la suite
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