Karwendel Höhenweg


  1. Name Karwendel Höhenweg
  2. Durée en jours 5 jours
  3. Début de sentier Pertisau
  4. Fin de sentier Mittenwald
  5. Classement Traildino SW, Marche fatigante, sentier de montagne
  6. Classement Traversée de montagne T2, randonnée en montagne

Karwendel Traverse

Karwendel Höhenweg, Pertisau - Mittenwald, 5 days

The Karwendel in the North of Austria is a popular hiking area without hazardous glacier crossings. The limestone origin gives the area its special rocky, dry character. Mighty rock faces contrast with the old maple forests with trees over 600 years old. The crossing of the Karwendel is not difficult. Some parts are secured with ropes and steps.


Map Karwendel Höhenweg


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