National Blue Trail


  1. Name National Blue Trail (OKT)
  2. Distance de sentier 1,128 km, 701 milles
  3. Durée en jours 57 jours
  4. Début de sentier Irottkoe
  5. Fin de sentier Hollohaza
  6. Classement Traildino MW, Marche modérée, sentier de randonnée
  7. Classement Traversée de montagne T1, Randonnée

1128 km. Irottkoe Mountain and Köszeg (on the border with Austria) to Hollóháza village (on the border with Slowakia).

The National Blue Trail is a very old trail - more than 70 years old! - and is the pride of the country. It traverses the northern, hilly, part of Hungary. But it also touches upon lake Balaton. In later years, the trail was extended to the border with Austria. Nowadays you can walk from the Austrian border - Köszeg - to the little village of Hollóháza near the border with Slovakia. This trail is used by the E4, the European Long Distance path that connects Morocco to Turkey, more or less (Tarifa - Cyprus).

Actually, it is possible to make a circular tour. The western end of the National Blue Trail is connected to the South Transdanubian Blue Trail, which explores the south and west of Hungary. And on the eastern side of the National Blue Trail, drop off at the village of Sátoraljaújhely (some 60 km before the end of the National Blue Trail in Hollóháza), and continue south on the Blue Trail of the Plain, which explores the south and east of the country. These two other trails meet in Szekszárd, and by then you walked around Hungary!

The trail is excellently documented, and marked in the field (.. blue). If you like hiking and you plan to visit hungary, then here is your change to view the country and meet the people at a low pace.

Select some tracks
Országos Kéktúra 1. - Írott-kő - Kőszeg - Sárvár, 71km
Országos Kéktúra 2. - Sárvár - Sümeg, 72km
Országos Kéktúra 3. - Sümeg - Keszthely, 45km
Országos Kéktúra 4. - Keszthely - Tapolca, 27km
Országos Kéktúra 5. - Tapolca - Badacsonytördemic, 17km
Országos Kéktúra 6. - Badacsonytördemic - Nagyvázsony, 47km
Országos Kéktúra 7. - Nagyvázsony - Városlőd, 27km
Országos Kéktúra 8. - Városlőd - Zirc, 38km
Országos Kéktúra 9. - Zirc - Csókakő, 60km
Országos Kéktúra 10. - Csókakő - Szárliget, 51km
Országos Kéktúra 11. (Szárliget vá. - Mogyorósbánya - Dorog vá.), 67km
Országos Kéktúra 12. (Dorog vá. - Klastrompuszta - Piliscsaba vá.), 19km
Országos Kéktúra 13. (Piliscsaba vá. - Nagy-Szénás - Hűvösvölgy), 22km
Országos Kéktúra 14. (Hűvösvölgy - Hármashatár-hegy - Rozália téglagyár), 14km
Országos Kéktúra 15. (Rozália téglagyár - Pilisszentkereszt - Dobogókő), 23km
Országos Kéktúra 16. (Dobogókő - Pilisszentlászló - Visegrád - Nagymaros, visegrádi rév), 25km
Országos Kéktúra 17. - Nagymaros - Nógrád, 41km
Országos Kéktúra 18. - Nógrád - Becske, 60km
Országos Kéktúra 19. - Becske–Mátraverebély, 74km
Országos Kéktúra 20. - Mátreverebély - Mátraháza, 25km
Országos Kéktúra 21. - Mátraháza - Sirok, 26km
Országos Kéktúra 22. - Sirok - Szarvaskő, 18km
Országos Kéktúra 23. - Szarvaskő–Putnok, 62km
Országos Kéktúra 24. - Putnok - Aggtelek - Bódvaszilas, 62km
Országos Kéktúra 25. - Bódvaszilas - Boldogkőváralja, 69km
Országos Kéktúra 26. - Boldogkőváralja–Nagy-nyugodó (Sátoraljaújhely), 54km
Országos Kéktúra 27. - Nagy-nyugodó (Sátoraljaújhely)–Hollóháza, 45km


Evaluation 7.0 | 1 vote | No 4. en Hongrie
  • John P Mars 2017
  • Evaluation 7
  • Positive Much of the trail is through wooded areas, fortunately, there are a number of look out towers (kilato) that you can climb up to see the view above the trees. There are ruined castles and stately home on route, as well as extinct volcanoes to climb. It is very well waymarked and signposted. Best bits are the hilly areas north and east of Budapest and Lake Balaton area.
  • Negative Some sections are monotonous, forest paths through trees. Mosquitoes were an issue when I walked the eastern section in June, although the flowers were better. It can be hot in summer, March had pleasant walking weather, but not many flowers.
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
  • Hungarian National Long-distance Blue Trail (E4): Visegrád to Írott-ko
  • Hiking guide to the north-western section of Hungary’s National Blue Trail which forms part of the E4 European long-distance footpath. The guide covers the route from the historic town of Visegrád on the Danube, across the Buda Hills on the outskirts of Budapest and the Bakony Hills along the north-eastern shore of Lake Balaton, to Írott-ko in... Lire la suite
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  1. Annuler
  • Bill Buell 2013-10-06 02:20:19
  • accommodation and language
  • I may hike the National Blue Trail late April 2014. Will I be able to find accommodations,I like hostels and homes. Also I only speak english, will this be okay.
    Billy Buell
    • Beatrice 2013-12-30 06:06:10
    • Hi bill,

      I am also planning to walk the Blue trail in April and have the same query. I'll keep you posted on what I find out. Regards Beatrice
    • Viktor Kaposi 2015-11-09 18:36:10
    • I guess it's too late for you guys but others might still find the answer useful.
      As for accommodation, there are plenty of hotels, hostels and rooms in private homes along the way. You'll probably find a room to let in the smallest villages, too, but people in small villages rarely speak foreign languages and many of these homestays are not advertised on the internet. Here is a very useful website with lots of information (telephone numbers and links to websites): The only drawback is that it's in Hungarian but it's simple to use. On the left, there is a list of the 27 sections and if you click on them, you can see a list of accommodation in the towns and villages along the path. Send an email or ask someone to make a phone call for you. Jó utat!
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