Santiago de Compostela Pilgrims Way


  1. Name Santiago de Compostela Pilgrims Way
  2. Fin de sentier Santiago de Compostela
  3. Classement Traildino MW, Marche modérée, sentier de randonnée
  4. Classement Traversée de montagne T1, Randonnée

Santiago de Compostela Pilgrims Way

Ever since the year 813, when the tomb of St.James was claimed to be (re-)discovered there, the city of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain has attracted many thousands of Christian pilgrims from all parts of Europe, particularly in the Middle Ages. As a result, there is no single route or trail. Of course, it all depends on where you start your pilgrimage.

Almost every West European country has an association, society or confraternity dedicated to pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, often carrying the name of the apostle involved: St.James, known by numerous translations such as Sint Jacob, Sint Jakobus, Saint-Jacques, Sankt Jakob, Sant Iago, etc. These organisations all provide information on the pilgrimage to their members, and also issue an official internationally recognized ‘pilgrim pass'. Having collected the correct stamps en route, pass-holders are entitled to the official ‘Compostela' certificate to prove that the pilgrimage was accomplished as intended.

Visit Traildino's overview page for the Way of Saint James / Camino de Santiago.

Select some tracks
Jakobswege in Deutschland
Jakobswege Baden-Württemberg
.Jakobsweg Neresheim - Rottenburg Variante 26b, 109km
.Jakobsweg Heubach (Bargau) - Ulm, 83km
.Jakobsweg Ulm - Konstanz, 162km
.Jakobsweg Meckenbeuren - Nonnenhorn, 22km
.Jakobsweg Lindau - Nonnenhorn, 8.9km
.Jakobsweg Linzgau, 39km
.Hohenzollerischer Jakobsweg (Rottenburg - Überlingen), 6.2km
.Hohenzollerischer Jakobsweg (Rottenburg - Überlingen) - Variante über Starzeln, 2.7km
.Jakobsweg Rottenburg - Burgundische Pforte (Süd), 360km
.Jakobsweg, 1.6km
.Jakobsweg26 Variante Ost Rothenburg o.d.Tauber-Rottenburg (Neckar), 248km
.Jakobusweg [Kinzigtäler], 12km
.Jakobsweg Rottenburg - Burgundische Pforte (Nord), 356km
.Jakobsweg Breisach-Zubringer, 38km
.Jakobsweg Hegau, 5km
.Jakobsweg Rothenburg o.d.T. - Speyer, 16km
Jakobswanderweg Odenwald, Main- und Taubertal
.Alternative Routen Jakobswanderweg Odenwald, Main- und Taubertal, 20km
.Jakobswanderweg Odenwald, Main- und Taubertal, 165km
Jakobswege Bayern
.Ostbayerischer Jakobsweg (Eschlkam > Donauwörth), 280km
Südostbayerische Jakobswege
.Jakobsweg Böhmen-Bayern-Tirol, 407km
.Jakobsweg Böhmen-Bayern-Tirol Variante/Prien, 76km
.Jakobsweg Böhmen-Bayern-Tirol Variante/Asham, 13km
.Jakobsweg Böhmen-Bayern-Tirol Variante/Baumgarten, 1.8km
.Jakobsweg Böhmen-Bayern-Tirol Variante/Breitenbach, 2.3km
.Jakobsweg Böhmen-Bayern-Tirol Variante/Egg, 4.1km
.Voralpiner Jakobsweg, 253km
.Jakobsweg Böhmen-Bayern-Tirol Variante/Attel, 2.5km
Bayerisch-Schwäbischer Jakobusweg
.Bayerisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg, 57km
.Bayerisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg, 12km
.Bayerisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg, 44km
.Bayerisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg, 50km
.Bayerisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg, 112km
.Bayerisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg, 101km
.Bayerisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg, 92km
Münchner Jakobsweg
.Jakobsweg (Weltenburg - Scheyern - Dachau), 101km
.Münchner Jakobsweg (Zubringer Vötting - Ammersee), 76km
.Münchner Jakobsweg (Zubringer Vötting - Ammersee), Alternativroute, 5.9km
.Münchner Jakobsweg, 350km
.Münchner Jakobsweg - Variante Leoni, 14km
Jakobswege in Franken
.Wanderweg Steigerwälder Jakobsweg, 81km
Jakobswege Prag-Rothenburg o.d. Tauber
.Wanderweg "Mittelfränkischer Jakobsweg", 87km
.Wanderweg Jakobsweg Tillyschanz > Nürnberg, Abschnitt Ensdorf - Stein, 97km
.Wanderroute Jakobsweg Tillyschanz > Nürnberg, Abschnitt Tillyschanz - Ensdorf, 86km
Jakobswege Fränkisch-Schwäbischer
.Jakobsweg Variante Papiermühle-Reichertshofen, 10km
.Jakobsweg Fulda-Würzburg, 162km
.Jakobsweg Rothenburg o.d. Tauber Variante, 6.3km
.Jakobsweg Rothenburg o.d. Tauber - Heubach (Bargau), 116km
.Jakobsweg Würzburg-Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, 81km
Jakobswege Nürnberg-Bodensee
.Jakobsweg Schwabach-Oettingen, 76km
.Jakobsweg Oettingen - Neresheim, 43km
.Jakobsweg Nürnberg-Schwabach, 13km
Jakobswege Nürnberg-Eichstätt
.Jakobsweg Nürnberg-Rothsee V2, 14km
.Jakobsweg Nürnberg-Eichstätt, 89km
Jakobswege Kronach/Coburg-Nürnberg
.Jakobsweg Effeltrich - Marloffstein, 4km
.Jakobsweg V, 6.8km
.Fränkischer Jakobsweg Kronach-Lichtenfels, 30km
.Jakobsweg Coburg-Lichtenfels, 22km
.Fränkischer Jakobsweg Lichtenfels-Bamberg, 47km
.Wanderweg Fränkischer Jakobsweg (West) Bamberg-Domitz, 55km
.Wanderweg Jakobsweg III, 34km
Jakobswege Hof - Bayreuth - Nürnberg
.Jakobsweg Fränkische Schweiz, 37km
.Wanderweg Jakobsweg Hiltpoltstein-Kleinsendelbach, 20km
.Jakobsweg Hof-Hiltpoltstein, 134km
.Jakobsweg Marktschorgast-Weißenstadt, 19km
.Jakobsweg Weißenstadt-Creußen, 48km
.Jakobsweg Münchberg-Hof, 25km
.Wanderweg Jakobsweg IV, 3.4km
Jakobswege Brandenburg
.Jakobsweg Potsdam - Vehlen, 89km
.JW Brandenburg Südroute, 69km
.Pilgerweg Berlin - Bad Wilsnack, 117km
.JW Brandenburg Fürstenwalde/Spree-Müncheberg Verbindungsroute, 24km
.Jakobsweg Frankfurt/Oder - Leipzig, 186km
.Jakobsweg ...-Goyatz-Waldow-Straupitz-..., 19km
.JW Brandenburg Nordroute (FF/O - Muencheberg - Berlin), 112km
Jakobs-Pilgerwege in NRW, 1.3km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Minden-Soest, 84km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Millingen-Maastricht, 86km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Nijmegen-Köln, 217km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Osnabrück-Beyenburg, 206km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Beyenburg-Köln, 59km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Marburg - Siegen - Köln, 168km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Köln - Aachen, 96km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Köln - Bad Münstereifel, 59km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Bonn - Bad Münstereifel, 43km
.Jakobsweg Bad Münstereifel - Trier - Perl, 227km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Corvey-Dortmund, 180km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Dortmund - Aachen, 184km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Essen - Düsseldorf, 61km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Heidenstraße, 118km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Paderborn-Sauerland, 6.1km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Hagen - Lennep, 38km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Variante Haspe - Hagen, 5.3km
Jakobswege Pfalz
.Jakobsweg Speyer – Metz, 92km
.Pfälzer Jakobsweg (Nordroute), 12km
.Pfälzer Jakobsweg Südroute, 68km
.Pfälzer Jakobsweg-Verbindungsroute, 76km
.Jakobsweg Bad Bergzabern – Wissembourg, 7.8km
Jakobsweg Saar
.Jakobsweg Landstuhl – Kirrberg, 2.5km
.Jakobsweg Saar, Strecke Althornbach – Blieskastel – Morsbach, 60km
.Jakobsweg St. Wendel – Saarbrücken, 42km
.Jakobsweg Altheim – Gersheim – Kleinblittersdorf – Rilchingen-Hanweiler, 41km
.Jakobsweg Kirrberg – Blieskastel, 18km
Jakobswege Sachsen
.Jakobsweg Silberberg (Annaberg-Hirschfeld), 65km
.Pilgerweg St. Anna Jahnsdorf–Lößnitz, 21km
Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Bautzen-Bischofswerda, 25km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Bischofswerda-Ullersdorf, 26km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Ullersdorf-Dresden, 15km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Dresden-Grumbach, 19km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Grumbach-Freiberg, 30km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Freiberg-Oederan, 17km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Oederan-Chemnitz, 27km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Chemnitz-Stollberg, 24km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Stollberg-Zwickau, 29km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Königsbrück-Coswig, 38km
.Jakobsweg an der Frankenstraße, Coswig-Grumbach, 14km
Jakobsweg Vogtland
.Jakobsweg Vogtland (Etappe 1: Zwickau-Waldkirchen), 22km
.Jakobsweg Vogtland (Etappe 2: Waldkirchen-Treuen), 9km
.Jakobsweg Vogtland (Etappe 3: Treuen-Oelsnitz), 27km
.Jakobsweg Vogtland, (Etappe 3 Alternative: Bergen-Voigtsgrün über Radweg, 12km
.Jakobsweg Vogtland, (Etappe 4: Oelsnitz-Hof), 36km
.Jakobsweg Böhmisches Erzgebirge, 49km
Sankt Jakobus Pilgerweg (Sachsen-Anhalt)
.Jakobsweg Rostock-Bad Wilsnack, 162km
.St. Jakobus Pilgerweg (Bad Wilsnack - Tangermünde), 67km
.Sankt Jakobus Pilgerweg (Sachsen-Anhalt), 154km
.Sankt Jakobus Pilgerweg (Sachsen-Anhalt), 88km
.Sankt Jakobus Pilgerweg (Sachsen-Anhalt), 66km
.Sankt Jakobus Pilgerweg (Sachsen-Anhalt), 84km
Jakobsweg Fulda - Mainz - Trier (Gesamtroute)
.Jakobsweg Fulda - Frankfurt - Mainz, 221km
.Jakobsweg Mainz - Bingen - Trier, 128km
Jakobswege in der Rhön
.Jakobsweg Bremen-Fulda-Herbstein (Rhön), 95km
.Jakobsweg Bremen-Vacha (Rhön), 17km
.Jakobsweg Bremen-Breitungen (Rhön), 40km
Jakobsweg auf der «Via Imperii»
.JW Berlin - Leipzig Segment Teltow - Beelitz, 43km
.JW Berlin - Leipzig, 135km
.Jakobsweg auf der «Via Imperii», Abschnitt Wittenberg-Leipzig, 0.2km
.Jakobsweg auf der «Via Imperii», Abschnitt Leipzig-Borna, 36km
.Jakobsweg auf der «Via Imperii», Abschnitt Borna-Altenburg, 23km
.Jakobsweg auf der «Via Imperii», Altenburg-Zwickau, 48km
.Jakobsweg auf der «Via Imperii», Zwickau-Reichenbach, 24km
.Jakobsweg auf der «Via Imperii», Reichenbach-Plauen, 28km
.Jakobsweg auf der «Via Imperii», Plauen-Hof, 38km
.Jakobsweg auf der «Via Imperii», Variante über Geilsdorf, 6.2km
Jakobsweg via Baltica
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Ost) - Anbindung Saßnitz, 5.4km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Ost), 154km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Mitte), 79km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (West), 120km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Schleswig-Holstein Ost, 26km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Schleswig-Holstein Ost - Aternative Possehlbrücke, 2.5km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Schleswig-Holstein West, 40km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Hamburg, 52km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Niedersachsen, Abzweig Lilienthal, 6.9km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Niedersachsen (Nord), 92km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Niedersachsen (Mitte), 85km
.Jakobsweg via Baltica, Niedersachsen (Süd), 109km
Jakobsweg - via Jutlandica
.Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Niedersachsen, 72km
Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Schleswig-Holstein (via Glücksstadt)
.Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Schleswig-Holstein (via Glücksstadt) Nord, 87km
.Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Schleswig-Holstein (via Glücksstadt) Süd, 82km
.Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Schleswig-Holstein (Jakobsweg Dithmarschen), westliche Route, 99km
.Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Schleswig-Holstein (Jakobsweg Dithmarschen), westliche Route, Abstecher Franziskusweg, 4.8km
.Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Schleswig-Holstein (Jakobsweg Dithmarschen - Anschluss Via Jutlandica), westliche Route, 13km
Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Schleswig-Holstein (via Lübeck)
.Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Schleswig-Holstein (via Lübeck) Nord, 82km
.Jakobsweg - Via Jutlandica - Schleswig-Holstein (via Lübeck) Süd, 74km
Jakobsweg – Via Regia
.Jakobsweg Via Regia 1, 54km
.Jakobsweg Via Regia 2, 80km
.Jakobsweg Via Regia 3, 94km
.Jakobsweg Via Regia 4, 101km
.Jakobsweg Via Regia 5, 70km
.Jakobsweg Via Regia 6, 96km
Jakobsweg Via Scandinavica
.Jakobsweg Via Scandinavica, Schleswig-Holstein - Aternative Possehlbrücke, 2.8km
.Jakobsweg Via Scandinavica, Schleswig-Holstein, 207km
.Jakobsweg Via Scandinavica, Niedersachsen, Abzweig Bardowiker Dom, 0.6km
.Jakobsweg Via Scandinavica, Niedersachsen, 454km
.Jakobsweg Via Scandinavica, Zubringer von Travemünde, 23km
.Jakobusweg - Hamburg St. Jacobi - Hittfeld, 31km
.Jakobusweg - Lüneburger Heide - Path 1, 132km
.Jakobusweg - Lüneburger Heide - Path 2, 153km
.Jakobusweg - Lüneburg - Wilsede, 45km
.Eifel-Camino, 104km
.Mosel-Camino, 153km
.Hunsrücker Jakobsweg, 5.9km
.Jakobs-Pilgerweg Eisenach - Marburg, 177km
.Jakobsweg Erfurt - Coburg, 136km
.Jakobsweg Bonn – Burg Eltz, 80km
Ruta Jacobea Madrileña, 347km
Via Mosana, 146km
Appenzellerweg, 42km
Via Turonensis, 0.8km
.Via Turonensis, Paris - Tours, 153km
Via Turonensis, Paris - Tours, West, 153km
.Vendôme - Lavardin, 25km
.Voie de Tours, #1c: Orléans - Blois par Beaugency, 24km
.Voie de Tours, #2: Tour - Poitiers, 143km
.Via Turonensis, Poitiers - Saintes, 185km
.Via Turonensis, Saintes - Bordeaux, 138km
.Via Turonensis, Bordeaux - Saint-Palais, 253km
Jakobsweg Österreich, 23km
.Jakobsweg, 72km
.Jakobsweg, 83km
.Jakobsweg, 48km
.Jakobsweg, 32km
.Jakobsweg, 43km
.Jakobsweg, 61km
.Jakobsweg, 153km
.Jakobsweg, 82km
.Jakobsweg, 272km
.Jakobsweg Arlbergweg, 36km
.Jakobsweg Burgenland, 56km
.Jakobsweg Weststeiermark, 163km
.Jakobsweg Kärnten, 279km
.Südösterreichischer Jakobsweg, 1.9km
Jakobsweg Rheinhessen, 110km
Camí de Sant Jaume per Huesca, 250km
Camiño de Fisterra-Muxía, 148km
Caminho Português de Santiago, 381km
Accès depuis Colomiers, 3km
Via Turonensis, Bordeaux, Porte Cailhau, 1.1km
Variante autour de Toulouse, 54km
Jakobsweg - Region Vogelsberg, 45km
Voie du Piémont
.Voie du Piémont, Carcassonne - Mirepoix, 64km
.Voie du Piémont, Lourdes - Oloron-Sainte-Marie, 67km
.Voie du Piémont, Oloron-Sainte-Marie - Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, 72km
.Voie du Piémont, Saint-Lizier - Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, 78km
.Voie du Piémont, Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges - Bagnères, 71km
.Voie du Piemont, Bagnères - Lourdes, 35km
.Voie du Piémont, Mirepoix - Saint-Lizier, 104km
Camino del Norte (Euskadi), 187km
Camino Mozárabe, 397km
Voie de Soulac, 251km
PR-TF 43.3 Santiago del Teide - Montaña Chinyero, 7.4km
Variante entre Pibrac et Bouconne, 12km
Via son Giachen, 65km
Jakobswegle am Kagberg, 4km
Jakobsweg Luxemburg, 48km
Jakobs-Pilgerweg Aachen-Maastricht, 14km
Jakobsweg [Teilstück bei Ulm]
Via Jacobi
.Via Jacobi (Rorschach - Genève), 506km
.Via Jacobi (Konstanz - Rapperswil-Jona), 72km
.Via Jacobi (Luzern - Rüeggisberg), 124km
.Via Jacobi (Fribourg - Payerne - Lucens), 36km
Jakobsweg im Pfaffenwinkel, 6.8km
Camino Francés (rutas alternativas), 226km
Appenzellerweg (Österreich), 9.5km
Jakobusweg, 4.5km
Camino de Santiago de Tenerife, 114km
Walgauweg, 27km
Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria, 36km
Chemins de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle en Grand Est
.Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, Saarbrücken - Metz, 80km
.Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, Perl - Metz, 62km
.Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, Metz - Toul, 78km
.Camino de Santiago, 321km
Camino Francés
.Camino Francés, 139km
.Camino Francés, 121km
.Camino Francés, 174km
.Camino Francés, 121km
.Camino Francés, 126km
.Camino Francés, alternative route, 15km
.Camino Francés, 65km
Sankt Jakobus Pilgerweg (Sachsen-Anhalt)
Viejo Camino de Santiago por el Valle de Hecho - Calzada del Summo Pyreneo, 51km
Camino de Santiago del Sureste, 964km
Szent Jakab Zarándokút (Budapest - Wolfsthal - Santiago de Compostela), 277km
Caminho de Santiago
PR-TF 65 Santiago del Teide - Puerto de Santiago, 7.3km
Jakobswee, 0.5km
Camino de Santiago del Azahar, 234km
Camino del Salvador, 119km
Pelerinage de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle - trajet préambulatoire Lyon-Le-Puy-en-Velay, 1.6km
Jakobsweg Isar - Loisach - Leutascher Ache - Inn, 132km
Camino de Santiago del Estrecho, 135km
Camino de Santiago del Estrecho - Alternative, 4.4km
Camino de Santiago de Levante, 130km
Chemin de Compostelle dans Seine-Port 77
.Chemin de Compostelle dans Seine-Port, 3.3km
Camino de Santiago de la Lana de Valencia, 203km
Camino de Santiago de la Lana.BTT, 410km
Camino de Santiago de la Lana de Alicante, 220km
Szent Jakab Zarándokút (Rotunda-Baj-Tata), 8km
Szent Jakab Zarándokút (Hédervár), 19km
Voie de Sens, 25km
.Voie de Sens - Fontainebleau-Sens, 37km
.Voie de Sens - Sens-Auxerre, 65km
.Voie de Sens - Auxerre-Cravant, 17km
.Camino de Santiago: Cravant-Vézelay, 30km
Camino del Norte / Camino Primitivo, 70km
Camino del Norte (rutas alternativas), 133km
Jakobs-Pilgerweg Bielefeld-Wesel, 4.9km
Jakobova Pot, 38km
Voie de Vézelay, Bourges - Limoges, 34km
Via Regia Droga św. Jakuba, 179km
Via Jacobi
Voie du Piémont Pyrénéen, Lagrasse - Carcassonne, 18km
Via Gebennensis, 349km
653, 531km
Via Tolosana
.Via Tolosana, Arles - Montpellier, 89km
.Via Tolosana, Montpellier - Lodève, 82km
.Via Tolosana, Lodève - Castres, 159km
.Via Tolosana, Castres - Toulouse, 131km
.Voie d'Arles, Toulouse - Auch, 95km
.Via Tolosana, Auch - Maubourguet, 73km
.Via Tolosana, Maubouguet - Oloron Sainte-Marie, 91km
.Via Tolosana, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, Col du Somport, 63km
Voie de Vézelay
.Voie de Vézelay, Vézelay - Nevers, 102km
.Voie de Vézelay, Nevers - Limoges, 327km
.Via Lemovicensis, Limoges - Périgueux, 119km
.Via Lemovicensis, Périgueux - Mont-de-Marsan, 237km
.Via Lemovicensis, Mont-de-Marsan - Saint-Palais, 104km
.Voie de Vézelay, 3.3km
Voie des Belges
.GR 654, Belgique, 61km
GR 655, 200km
.Chemin de Tours
.De Saint-Quentin à Paris, 153km
.Via Gallia Belgica - France, 66km
.De Orrouy à Coye, 46km
.Chemin Estelle, 118km
Via Podiensis
.Via Podiensis (01) : Le Puy-en-Velay > Saint-Privat-d'Allier, 24km
.Via Podiensis (02) : Saint-Privat-d'Allier > Saugues, 21km
.Via Podiensis (03) : Saugues > Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole, 33km
.Via Podiensis (04) : Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole > Aumont-Aubrac, 15km
.Via Podiensis (05) : Aumont-Aubrac > Nasbinals, 26km
.Via Podiensis (06) : Nasbinals > Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac, 17km
.Via Podiensis (07) : Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac > Saint-Côme-d'Olt, 16km
.Via Podiensis (08) : Saint-Côme-d'Olt > Estaing, 20km
.Via Podiensis (09) : Estaing > Espeyrac, 23km
.Via Podiensis (10) : Espeyrac > Conques, 12km
.Via Podiensis (11) : Conques > Moissac, 211km
.Via Podiensis (12) : Moissac > Aire-sur-l'Adour, 174km
.Via Podiensis (13), Aire-sur-l'Adour - Stèle-de-Gibraltar, 132km
.Via Podiensis (14) : Stèle-de-Gibraltar > Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, 30km
.Via Podiensis (15) : Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port > Roncesvalles, 24km
Svatojakubská cesta
.Svatojakubská cesta, Česko, střed, 164km
.Svatojakubská cesta, Česko, Jihozápad, Severní trasa, 160km
.Svatojakubsk cesta, ?esko, Jihozpad, Jin trasa, 3.5km
chemin de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle pour randonneurs avec animaux (chien, ane, cheval) ou VTT, 5.7km
Pedras, Moinhos e Aromas de Santiago, 14km
6 Camino de Santiago, 12km
Chemin de Compostelle par le Col de Pa asp120, 16km
Camino de Santiago de Valencia, 59km
Camino de Baztán Bidea, 91km
Camino de Santiago de la Lana.Senderista, 408km
Camino Mozárabe. Almería-Granada, 200km
Camino de Santiago Vasco del Interior, 204km
Camino de Santiago Vasco del Interior, 95km
Camino de Santiago Vasco del Interior - Variante de Saiatz, 63km
Caminho Português de Santiago (Lisboa-Santarém), 94km
Camino de Anbal. Camino de Santiago del Sureste, 23km
Camino del Salvador - Bifurcación por pueblo de Pajares, 5.4km
Camino de Santiago de la Lana.Senderista(Var.Sigüenza), 40km
Jakobs-Pilgerweg Bielefeld-Wesel, 142km
Caminho Português de Santiago (Santarém-Coímbra), 153km
Viejo Camino de Santiago, 14km
Ostbayerischer Jakobsweg: nördliche Variante (Eschlkam > Donauwörth), 30km
Caminho de Santiago Braga, 35km
De Mézin à Villeneuve-de-Mézin, sur la route de Compostelle 16.6 km, 18km
Caminhos do Mar, 42km
Caminho Poente Fátima Nazaré, 2.4km
Jakobsweg Südtirol, 7.3km
Voie du Piémont, Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges - Bagnères, 3.7km
Via Aurelia, Menton - Le Muy, 165km
De Namur à Montréal-du-Gers, 85km
.Son - Reims, 50km
.Reims - Châlons-en-Champagne, 60km
.Rocroi - Son, 85km
.De Bar-sur-Seine à Tonnerre, 18km
.De Brienne à Bar-sur-Seine, 1.4km
.De Vézelay à La Charité-sur-Loire, 5km
.De La Charité-sur-Loire à Nevers, 33km


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  • pc22 Juin 2008
  • Evaluation 7
  • Positive I started my first Camino from France and crossed over the Pyrenees. The weather was very hot, but there are plenty of resting places along the way for food, water, a beer. There is also a range of accommodation available every night to suit all budgets (some are even free, or ask for a nominal donation). Some stunning scenery and wildlife
  • Negative Too many people when I went.....maybe a 100 or more walking the same section as me every day, if I sped up I just ran into the 100 people who were a day ahead of me. Lots of people who provide for pilgrims are actually ripping them off(expensive prices for food etc.) Also many who walk for religious reasons were disrespectful to those who walked as tourists, and some of the hostels owners the same
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Cicerone Press
United Kingdom
  • The Camino Portugués
  • The Portuguese Way (Camino Portugués) is a 620km long-distance route from Portugal's capital Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. This guide splits the route into 25 stages with two coastal options, and takes in historic and religious sites and stunning scenery. With information on preparation, planning and accommodation. Lire la suite
  • Also available from:
  • The Book Depository, United Kingdom
  • De Zwerver, Netherlands
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The Book Depository
United Kingdom
De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids The Camino Portugués | Cicerone
  • A guidebook to walking the Camino Portugués (Portuguese Way), 620km from Lisbon in Portugal to Santiago in Spain. The book gives stage-by-stage directions for the Central Camino, starting from Lisbon, Porto or Tui, the Coastal Camino between Porto or Vigo, and the Spiritual Variant route from Pontevedra to Redondela. It also describes link... Lire la suite
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Cicerone Press
United Kingdom
  • Japan's Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage
  • Guidebook to walking Japan's Kumano Kodo, a network of ancient pilgrimage trails on the Kii Peninsula, south of Osaka. Covering the Nakahechi, Kohechi and Iseji trails, as well as Koyasan and the Choishimichi route, the guide has all the practical information needed, along with notes on the routes' rich history and culture. Lire la suite
Cicerone Press
United Kingdom
  • The Way of St James - Spain
  • Guidebook to walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrim route, or Way of St James. A 778km trek through northern Spain from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela and onto Finisterre on the Galician coast. The camino usually takes between 4 and 5 weeks to hike. Guide to the Frances route, with maps and accommodation details. Lire la suite
  • Also available from:
  • The Book Depository, United Kingdom
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The Book Depository
United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
  • Tenerife Bus & Touring Map
  • Tenerife at 1:100,000 on a road map from Discovery Walking Guides with a vivid presentation of the island’s topography and roads annotated with bus numbers, plus on the reverse street plans of main towns and holiday resorts and a timetable of TITSA’s bus service. Current edition was published in January 2015.On one side is a map of the island... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Rick Steves Best of Spain (Second Edition)
  • Hit Spain`s can`t-miss art, sights, and bites in two weeks or less with Rick Steves Best of Spain!* Expert advice from Rick Steves on what`s worth your time and money* Two-day itineraries covering Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Andalucia`s White Hill Towns, and Sevilla* Over 60 full-colour maps and vibrant photos* Rick`s tips for... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Pilgrimage: The Great Pilgrim Routes of Britain and Europe
  • Shortlisted for a 2018 Edward Stanford Travel Writing Award.Ten historic pilgrim routes of Western Europe, inspiration for today`s long distance walker. Pilgrimage in Europe is thriving on a massive scale. In 1990 the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela recorded less than 5000 pilgrims: today that figure is at least 200,000 a year. Author Derry... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Pilgrim Paths in Ireland
  • In recent times the popularity of the Camino de Santiago has prompted renewed interest in pilgrim walks in Ireland. Increasing numbers now follow ancient Irish pilgrim paths to such holy places as Glencolumbkille, Croagh Patrick, Lough Derg and Glendalough. John G. O`Dwyer has walked - or, in the case of Clonmacnoise, cycled - the pilgrim... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Les Chemins de St-Jacques au Pays Basque
  • Les Chemins de St-Jacques au Pays Basque covers two routes of the Way of St James in the Basque country: le Chemin de Baztán and le Chemin de Saint-Palais á la côte. The former links Bayonne, Saint-Jean de Luz and Urdax, extending south to Pamplona; the latter links Sare to Saint Palais via Esplette. This is one of the titles in a series of... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Le Chemin du Vézelay: de la Bourgogne aux Pyrénéees
  • Le Chemin du Vézelay: de la Bourgogne aux Pyrénéees covers the one of most popular routes of the Way of St. James in France, from the cathedral in Vézelay, across the La Charité-sur-Loire, Bourges, La Souterraine, Limoges, Périgueux, Ste-Foy-la-Grande, Bazas, Mont-de-Marsan and Orthez to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.This title is part of a series of... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Chemins de St.Jacques: Cluny/Lyon - Le Puy à pied
  • Chemins de St.Jacques: Cluny/Lyon-Le Puy à pied from Chamina presents the route overprinted on IGN’s 1:50,000 topographic survey with details of accommodation, local services and other tourist information.Each stage is shown on extracts from IGN`s 1:50,000 topographic survey cross-referenced to the descriptions of the route. Symbols indicate... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Santiago de Compostela - Roncevaux / Roncesvalles to Santiago IGN 89022
  • Camino Francés, the main route of the Way of St. James across northern Spain from Roncesvalles in the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela on a double-sided, waterproof and tear-resistant map from IGN France with cartography and tourist information identical to coverage of this route by Kompass map No. 133.The IGN map differs from Kompass map No.... Lire la suite
  • Also available from:
  • The Book Depository, United Kingdom
  • De Zwerver, Netherlands
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The Book Depository
United Kingdom
De Zwerver
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The Book Depository
United Kingdom
  • Chemin Cotier Vers Compostelle - Camino del Norte 2013
  • Depuis les premiers temps du pèlerinage vers Compostelle, la Camino Francès (via Burgos et Léon) n'a pas été le seul itinéraire conduisant vers les reliques de Jacques. Même si son histoire présente encore bien des points obscurs, le chemin des côtes cantabriques accueille les pas des... Lire la suite
The Book Depository
United Kingdom
The Book Depository
United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
  • France: IGN Long-distance GR Routes Maps
  • France’s popular long-distance GR hiking routes presented by IGN on waterproof and tear-resistant maps with cartography from their highly popular TOP100 series. The route is prominently highlighted on contoured mapping at 1:100,000 and annotated with hiking distances. Symbols, both along the route itself and in the surrounding countryside,... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
  • Santiago de Escoural
  • Topographic survey of Portugal at 1:50,000 from the Instituto Geográfico Português, the country’s civilian survey organisation. The maps have contours at 25m intervals and in addition to the standard features shown on topographic mapping at this scale also indicate various types of vegetation (vineyards, olive groves, etc). Each sheet covers an... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Way of St James / Camino de Santiago CNIG Overview Map
  • Northern Spain on an overview map at 1:500,000 highlighting the course of the Camino Francés route of the Way of St James from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela via Burgos and León. Published by Spain’s civilian survey organization as part of their set providing topographic coverage of the route at 1:50,000, the map is also available... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Sierra de Ancares Natural Park 50K CNIG Map
  • Sierra de Ancares Natural Park, a popular walking area south-east of Lugo along the main route of the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James to Compostela), on a contoured and GPS compatible map at 1:50,000 from IGN/CNIG with cartography from their topographic survey of Spain. The map has contours at 20m intervals enhanced by bold relief... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
  • Lugo and Environs
  • Lugo and its environs on a double-sided map combining a street plan with topographic mapping at 1:50,000 from the Instituto Geográfico Nacional – Centro Nacional de Información Geograficá, the country’s civilian survey organization.On one side is a street plan of the city showing the course along its streets of the Camino de Santiago – the Way... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Rías Baixas 100K CNIG Map
  • Rías Baixas region of Galicia in northern Spain on a contoured and GPS compatible map at 1:100,000 from IGN/CNIG using cartography of their civilian topographic survey of Spain. Coverage extends from north of Santiago de Compostela and Cape Finisterre to the Portuguese border.Contours are 100m intervals, enhanced by relief shading plus... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
  • Caribbean Islands Western Half ITMB Travel Atlas
  • The islands of the western Caribbean presented by ITMB in a handy size, A5, paperback, indexed atlas with city centre street plans of main cities. The mapping is taken from ITMB’s extensive coverage of the region on individual country maps, so scales vary. The atlas covers the Bahamas (1:500,000) with street plans of Nassau, New Providence and... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
  • Galicia: Santiago de Compostela - León 500K CNIG Regional Map No.1
  • Spain’s north-western province of Galicia with coverage extending eastwards to León at 1:500,000 in a series of regional road maps from the country’s civilian survey organization IGN-CNIG (Instituto Geográfico Nacional - Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica), vividly presenting the topography by altitude colouring, boundaries of... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
  • Santiago del Teide CNIG Topo 1091-3
  • Topographic coverage of the Canary Islands at 1:25,000 published by the Instituto Geográfico Nacional – Centro Nacional de Información Geografica, the country’s civilian survey organization. The maps have contours at 10m intervals and colouring and/or graphics to show different types of vegetation or land use. Boundaries of national parks and... Lire la suite
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
  • Cajón del Maipo - Volcán San José
  • Cajón del Maipo - Volcán San José region of central Chile east of Santiago on a waterproof and tear-resistant map in a series of contoured, GPS compatible trekking and exploration maps at various scales form Trekkingchile. On one side the main map at 1:100,000 covers the region eastwards along the River Maipo from Las Vertientes near its... Lire la suite
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Walking holidays

Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Portugués: Stage 1: Lisbon to Santarém Self Guided Walking Holiday
  • The first stage of the Camino Portugués - Lisbon to Santarém. This first stage of the Camino Portugués is relatively flat and easy going apart from the short climb up to Santarém at the very end of the section. Starting off in the vibrant city of Lisbon you walk north and eventually escape the urban sprawl to arrive in the ‘Garden of Portugal.’... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Le Puy Way: Stage 5
  • Self guided walking tour on the Camino Le Puy Way from Lectoure to Aire sur l'Adour. The Camino Le Puy Way stage 5 meanders through the regions of La Gers and Gascony. This region is renowned for its gastronomy. Your journey begins in the town of Lectoure which sits high above the Gers River, has a natural spa and a 15th century cathedral... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Le Puy Way: Stage 2
  • Self-guided walking tour Stage 2 of the Camino Le Puy Way. Walk Stage 2 of the Camino Le Puy Way through the south west of France from Nasbinals to Conques. This is an ancient pilgrimage route that takes you along the Grand Randonnée 65 and through contrasting landscapes from the high plateau of the Aubrac to the lush valley of the... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Stage 1 & 2 - St Jean-Pied-de-Port to Burgos
  • A 14 day & 13 night stage 1 & 2 St Jean-Pied-de-Port to Burgos self guided walking holiday. Walk the first two stages of the Camino from St Jean Pied de Port, which straddles the French and Spanish border, to the medieval city of Burgos. Crossing the Pyrenees your first day will undoubtably be the toughest day of the whole Camino. The steep... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Le Puy Way: Stage 6
  • Self guided walking tour on the Camino Le Puy Way from Aire sur l'Adour to St Jean Pied de Port. The final stage of the Le Puy Camino runs from Aire sur l‘Adour to St Jean Pied de Port, where it joins the Camino de Santiago French Way. Your route takes you through the two distinct regions of Béarn and the French Basque and before concluding in... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Le Puy Way: Stages 1 & 2
  • Self-guided walking tour following Stages 1 & 2 of the Camino Le Puy Way. Walk Stages 1 & 2 of the Camino Le Puy Way and follow trails through the south west of France from Le Puy-en-Velay to Conques. This section takes you through volcanic and contrasting landscapes, from the Velay Mountains, the Margeride and Aubrac plateaux, to the valley... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Le Puy Way: Stage 4
  • Self guided walking tour on the Camino Le Puy Way from Cahors to Lectoure. Follow the Camino Le Puy Way from the medieval town of Cahors, across the Quercy Blanc and on to Lectoure. Which sits high above the Gers River. This is stage 4 of the Le Puy Camino which stretches from Le Puy to St. Jean Pied de Port. Begin your journey in the town of... Lire la suite
Snp Wandelreizen
  • Spanje - Asturië & Galicië
  • Wandelvakantie naar Spanjes groene noorden. Van de imposante kalkmassieven van de Picos de Europa tot de ruige ria-kusten van Finisterre. Aandacht voor het pre-romaanse culturele erfgoed van Asturië (Asturias). Wandelen over de Camino de Santiago en bezoek aan de beroemde bedevaartsstad. Overnachting in comfortabele hotels. Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Le Puy Way: Stages 5 & 6
  • Self guided walking tour on the Camino Le Puy Way from Lectoure to St Jean Pied de Port. The Camino Le Puy Way is a pilgrimage route that follows trails through rural south west France and along the Grand Randonnée 65. Stages 5 & 6 of this self-guided walking tour take you through the regions of La Gers and Gascony, cultivated landscapes of the... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Portugués: Stage 3: Coimbra to Porto Self Guided Walking Holiday
  • This section takes you to Coimbra and up to the northern capital of Porto. This section takes you from Coimbra up to the northern capital of Porto. During the course of the week you will walk through vineyards, valleys and woodlands as you head out towards the Atlantic coast before swinging round into the beautiful UNESCO city of Porto, where... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Stage 5 - O'Cebreiro to Santiago Self Guided Walking Holiday
  • Stage 5 of the Camino, O'Cebreiro to Santiago 9 day and 8 night self guided walking holiday. Walk the last section of the Camino through rural Spain ending up in the fabulous city of Santiago de Compostela. A wonderful section of the walk and just enough mileage to gain your Compostela Certificate. This final stage passes through the sierra of... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Finisterre
  • Walking from Santiago to the Atlantic Coast. Finisterre translates as the “end of the world” and for many pilgrims they feel that their journey is only complete when they can walk no more— hence the walk from Santiago to Finisterre on the Atlantic Coast. Starting from the magnificent cathedral in Santiago, walk through the Galician countryside... Lire la suite
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Last 100km - Sarria to Santiago - 8 Days
  • Walk the last 100km of the Camino Frances to Santiago de Compostela over 6 walking days. Walk the classic final stage of the Camino de Santiago, covering the last 100km of the Camino de Santiago over six walking days. This breaks up the longest day (usually 28km) between Palas de Rei and Arzua. By adding an extra night you will have more... Lire la suite
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  1. Annuler
  • Comarca de la Sidra 2013-06-10 10:41:52
  • Accommodation Saint James North Way Asturias "Cider Shire Pilgrim Pass"
  • From the Cider Shire in the region of Asturias (North Spain), we wish all the Saint James Pilgrims in the north way had a rest as good as possible. That is why we suggest you to enjoy our accommodations with a very special proposal for pilgrims called “The Cider Shire Pilgrims Pass”. This project is supported by an offer of accommodation + a little welcome gift for only 20 €* per person. Besides if the accommodation is more than 500 m away from the Saint James Way, they will pick up the pilgrims and drop them off in the same point of the way.
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