Loop van het Oude Diep


  1. Name Loop van het Oude Diep
  2. Distance de sentier 123 km, 76 milles
  3. Durée en jours 6 jours
  4. Début de sentier Echten
  5. Fin de sentier Orvelte
  6. Classement Traildino LW, Promenade légère, promenade a la campagne

Loop van het Oude Diep: Oude Diep bij Vamberg

De Loop van het Oude Diep, Echten - Orvelte, 123 km

This twisting trail in the province of Drenthe follows the course of the small river Het Oude Diep. Not much survives of this stream. However, the past two decennia efforts were made to conserve that what is left, and restore wherever possible. The path does not meticulously follow the river, but touches on many interesting nature reserves and landscapes: heathlands, wet lands, forests, even raised bogs. The path is created by the nature conservancy organisation of the province of Drenthe, Het Drentse Landschap. They issue a topo guide.


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