Yurrebilla Trail


  1. Name Yurrebilla Trail
  2. Distance de sentier 54 km, 34 milles
  3. Durée en jours 3 jours
  4. Classement Traildino EW, Marche facile, sentier de la nature

Yurrebilla Trail: Giles Ruins - by Jez

54 km, 3 days, all year

The Yurrebilla Trail winds through the Mt Lofty Range in South Australia. Adelaide is only 12 km away. This pretty easy trail takes you to Mount Lofty's summit (youth hostel). On the way, you will pass the ruins of old settler homes. You may spot Koala's in the trees or bird spiders on the ground.

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Yurrebilla Trail Section 1, 2km
Yurrebilla Trail Section 2, 7.4km
Yurrebilla Trail Section 3, 11km
Yurrebilla Trail Section 4, 9.9km
Yurrebilla Trail Section 5, 14km
Yurrebilla Trail, 10km
Yurrebilla Trail, 5.2km


Evaluation 6.0 | 1 vote | No 19. en Australie
  • bigkev Novembre 2010
  • Evaluation 6
  • Positive Ease of access, views, Koalas.
  • Negative Lack of accommodation / camping options. Avoid summer, to hot.
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Yurebilla Trail


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