Hi All, I’m Luís a Portuguese fan of #Hiking, #Camping and #Geocaching. Usually I’m doing those activities with my team known as Team Pes Rotos. We enjoy creating some events on Geocaching related to the walks we are expecting to do, usually in Portugal, to discuss some ideas before starting. It is a pleasure to motivate others walk the trail but since all of us walk in a different pace, normally we walk apart. We’re preparing our next hike, Sintra and Cascais section of E9/GR11, the European Coastal Path. This is only a little bit of this huge route, only 35 kms but full of natural interest, wonderful landscapes, nice technical trail paths, and we hope a nice start to test our capabilities to hike the Kungsleden trail in Sweden. We expect go there at 2021. Probably, Kungsleden will be the main goal to guide our calendar in the next two years. I’m expecting to add The Way of Saint James in my portfolio of walked paths and others.
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