Jutting out from the large Arabian Peninsula into the Persian Gulf is the small emirate peninsula of Qatar. It only measures some 160 km from north to south, and consists of a mostly low hot sandy desert plain. There is one low limestone range called Jebel Dukhan, in the southwest of Qatar. Highest point is Qurayn Abu al Bawl (103 m).

Qatar's climate is not too well suited to hikers. Summers are scorching and humid. Winter is just a bit cooler with the occasional shower. As a result, "dune bashing" by 4WD or quad appears to be a much more popular local passtime for the outdoors. Still, check out the website of the Qatar Natural Heritage Group for some rambling ideas during the winter months. And enjoy the video reports by Chris Vassbotn of his 2-day coast-to-coast hikes across Qatar.


  • DuMont Reise-Handbuch Reiseführer Arabische Halbinsel
  • Für die 3. Auflage des DuMont Reise-Handbuches waren die Autoren Gerhard Heck und Manfred Wöbcke wieder intensiv vor Ort unterwegs. Die Länder der Arabischen Halbinsel liegen nur fünf bis sieben Flugstunden von Europa entfernt und zählten bis vor einem Jahrzehnt noch zu den exotischeren Reisezielen.Von Bahrain und seiner Formel-1-Rennstrecke... Lire la suite
  • DuMont Bildatlas Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • DUMONT Bildatlas „Dubai, Abu Dhabi´´ - die Bilder des Fotografen Martin Sasse zeigen faszinierende Panoramen und ungewöhnliche Nahaufnahmen der Emirate. Zu jedem der fünf Kapitel gehören Hintergrundreportagen und Specials, die aktuelle und interessante Themen aufgreifen. Den Abschluss eines jeden Kapitels bilden Infoseiten mit allen wichtigen... Lire la suite
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  • Dubai - United Arab Emitares & Oman ITMB
  • Double-sided map from the ITMB presenting on one side a street plan of Dubai at 1:15,000 and on the reverse a road map at 1:1,400,000 covering the United Arab Emirates with Oman, with street plans of central Muscat and Salalah. All place names on both sides of the map are in the Latin alphabet only.On one side is a clearly presented street plan... Lire la suite
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  • Qatar Country Map
  • Double-sided, GPS-compatible map from the Dubai-based Explorer Publishing, presenting on one side a road map of Qatar at 1:300,000 with on the reverse a street plan of Doha at 1:25,000, with a combined index plus a distance table. All place names are in the Latin alphabet only. On one side is a road map of Qatar, showing the country’s road... Lire la suite
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