Oude IJssel-Rijnpad


  1. Name Oude IJssel-Rijnpad
  2. Distance de sentier 125 km, 78 milles
  3. Durée en jours 6 jours
  4. Début de sentier Anholt (D)
  5. Fin de sentier Anholt (D)
  6. Classement Traildino LW, Promenade légère, promenade a la campagne

Oude IJssel-Rijnpad Circular trail starting in Anholt: Anholt (D) – Engbergen – Silvolde – Gaanderen – Doesburg – Duiven – Pannerden – Tolkamer – Hoch Elten (D) – Stokkum – Zeddam – Anholt (D), 125 km

The trail starts and ends in Germany, but most part is in the Netherlands.

The trail visits two regions: The Achterhoek, a enclosed landscape of forests and tree rows, and The Liemers, an open landscape of extensive fields and river banks. From Germany, the path goes to Doesburg and with a curve to the south and east it turns back along the Rhine to Germany.


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